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              天鴻圓方是首開集團的成員企業,擁有建筑工程設計甲級資質以及風景園林設計、城鄉規劃、建筑裝飾裝修設計與施工一體化等多項資質,并在這些領域取得累累碩果,其中不乏北京2008奧運會項目——奧運村和奧運水上公園、全國最大的經濟適用房項目——回龍觀文化居住區、北京商業新地標——西單大悅城等諸多有影響力的作品。迄 今為止,圓方的各類作品已先后獲得省部級以上獎項逾百項,其中包括多個國際大獎以及詹天佑大獎、魯班獎等若干國內重量級獎項!皥A方設計”為每個作品注入 全新的活力,正逐步成為業界一塊值得信賴的銘牌。

              天鴻圓方兼容并蓄,擅于國內外的合作交流,BDCL、易道、泛亞、百瀚年、丹下、王董國際、CPG、NBBJ、B+H、NPS、五衡建筑、合眾國際、CDG、維思平、LINK、豪張思等許多一流的設計團隊和清華大學、MIT、Cardiff University等眾多知名的學術科研機構都曾作為合作伙伴與圓方開展過長期而愉快的合作。與此同時,圓方還是中國勘察設計協會理事單位及全國工商聯房地產商會會員并擔任全國房地產設計聯盟常委。

              創建綠色經典,是天鴻圓方矢志不渝的追求;讓地球上的每個人都居于綠色建筑中,是天鴻圓方的美好愿景。作為立志成為國內綠色建筑設計領先機構,天鴻 圓方始終秉著綠色生態和可持續發展的設計理念不斷前行:建立自己的綠建研發團隊;開展與國內外頂級高校和科研院所深度合作;參與制定業界標準……每一步無 不折射出天鴻圓方創建綠色經典的決心。

              在綠建方面的成就使得天鴻圓方先后榮獲了“國際住協(IHA)綠色建筑獎——‘杰出貢獻企業’”;聯合國人居署頒發的“聯合國人居署迪拜國際優秀范 例獎”等諸多榮譽。天鴻圓方的綠色建筑作品先后榮獲“中國精瑞住宅科學技術獎-綠色生態建筑白金獎”和“綠色生態建筑節能金獎”等;奧運村獲得“美國綠色 建筑協會”頒發的“能源與環境設計先鋒社區(LEED-ND)金獎”,名副其實地成為歷屆奧運會中最具科技含量的綠色奧運村。




              Beijing Tianhong Yuanfang Architectural Design CO., LTD.

              Being a member of Shoukai group, Yuanfang possesses first-class credentials inarchitecture design and it also owns qualifications for landscaping, engineering geological prospecting and construction supervision. Over the years It has achieved a great many accomplishments, significant among them are these influencing projects: 2008 Beijing Olympic Games projects (the Olympic Village and the Olympic Aquatic Park), the largest economical residential housing complex in China (Huilongguan Residential Area) , Beijing new commercial landmark (Xidan Joy City). The company has won more than 100 awards at or above the provincial and ministerial levels, including a number of international major awards and domestically influential awards like the Zan Tianyou Award and Lu Ban Award. “Yuanfang Design”has become a sign of trustworthiness.

              With an open mind , Yuanfang is always ready to communicate and engage in professional cooperations with outsiders. Famous international architects’ offices such as Edaw EarthAsia Ltd., Blight Voller Nield, Tange Associates, Wong & Tung international Limited, CPG Consultant, NBBJ and B + H, and domestic and world renowned academic and scientific research institutes like Qinghua University, MIT, Cardiff University, all have been Yuanfang’s strategic cooperative partners and involved in long-term pleasant cooperation with the company. Yuanfang is also a member of the Commerce Real Estate of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Chamber and is the standing member of the Union of the National Real Estate Design. And it is the Secretary General (unit) of the National Urban Housing Design Research Net.

              Creating green classics has been the objective of Yuanfang’s persistent pursuit, and to let every people living in a green dwelling is its expectation. Determined to take the lead in green architectural design, Yuanfang has persevered in the design concept of green ecology and sustainable development, and its unswerving resolution to create green classics is manifested by its engagement in the in-depth cooperation with the prestigious colleges and scientific research institutes at home and abroad, participating in the compiling of industrial standards, and so on.

              Yuanfang’s achievements in green architecture endeavor has earned it a series of awards, including International Housing Association (IHA) Green Architecture Award (“Firm with Outstanding Contribution”), United Nations Human Settlements Program Dubai International Exemplary Model Award (conferred by United Nations Human Settlements Program). And the awards that the company has gained for its green architectural works include the Platinum Award for Green-ecology Construction (Elite Housing Science and Technology Awards), and the Golden Award for Green Ecology Energy-saving Construction. The Beijing Olympic Village received the LEEDND Golden Award for Vanguard Community in Energy Resources and Environment Design (conferred by the American Green Architecture Association). Indeed, the Beijing Olympic Village is truly a green construction that has incorporated most technological contents ever in Olympic history.

              Yuanfang, a robust and energetic team, is dedicated to gaining a new vista that is based on and goes beyond the traditional design concept and to seeking the perfect balance between design/economy and ecology, so as to produce a unique value for society, environment and our clientele, and to bring about more scientific and creative architecture and landscaping design. Its slogan is:

              Harmony between Technology and Art. Perfect integration with the Classic and Green.

              Yuanfang designs are buliding up a world of wonder.


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